25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing!

In his Terrible Minds blog, Chuck Wendig writes a great list of the 25 things writers should stop doing. I know I’m particularly guilty of items 7 to 10, and 13, 14, and 15 – oh heck, just about everything on the list really!

** Be warned, he uses four-letter words and some people may find elements of his writing style mildly offensive, but it’s worth a look.**

Frankly, most of these are life learnings that could apply to anyone, not just writers. Here’s a summary:

  1. Stop running away
  2. Stop stopping
  3. Stop writing in someone else’s voice
  4. Stop worrying
  5. Stop hurrying
  6. Stop waiting
  7. Stop thinking it should be easier
  8. Stop deprioritizing your wordsmithy
  9. Stop treating your body like a dumpster
  10. Stop the moping and the whining
  11. Stop blaming everyone else
  12. Stop the shame
  13. Stop lamenting your mistakes
  14. Stop playing it safe
  15. Stop trying to control &*%$ you can’t control
  16. Stop doing one thing
  17. Stop writing for the market
  18. Stop chasing trends
  19. Stop caring about what other writers are doing
  20. Stop caring so much about the publishing industry
  21. Stop listening to what won’t sell
  22. Stop overpromising and overshooting
  23. Stop leaving yourself off the page
  24. Stop dreaming
  25. Stop being afraid

To read the full post, go here.


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