New Regional Advisor for SCBWI Ireland: Jane Mitchell

by Colleen Jones

jane mitchellWe are delighted that published author Jane Mitchell agreed to move up from Assistant Regional Advisor to Regional Advisor for the SCBWI Ireland chapter for 2012.

Jane is an amazing woman, articulate, well traveled and educated, kind, thoughtful, full of energy, very dedicated to children, and to writing books for children of all ages. She has been very active in the children’s books scene in Ireland and the UK for a number of years.


Jane Mitchell’s Books
To date, Jane has published 6 books (1 in Irish) including Chalkline and When chalklineStars Stop Spinning, plus 2 short stories, and has written articles and reviews for various publications, such as Children’s Books Ireland’s INIS magazine. Three of Jane’s books have won awards and several have been published in other languages, such as Dutch and German. Jane has completed another book and is currently developing at least two more book ideas.

when stars stopp spinningJane and SCBWI Ireland
Jane worked as Assistant Regional Advisor along with Jacqui McVeigh as Regional Advisor for two years until Jacqui needed to step down for personal reasons at the end of 2011. It was a natural step for Jane to move up to the Regional Advisor role, and we are very grateful that she agreed to do so.

Jane has already set up a new Facebook page for SCBWI Ireland. Anyone can like the page and keep up with what’s happening.

Jane is actively working with SCBWI Ireland volunteers to grow the chapter and support our writers and illustrators across the entire Emerald Isle! We now have a website as well as Twitter and Facebook presences that anyone can access, and active SCBWI Ireland members will continue to receive news and updates by email from Jane.

We encourage anyone with an interest in writing or illustrating for children’s books to join the SCBWI organization and our lovely community.


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