Win a copy of The Sleeping Baobab Tree by award-winning author Paula Leyden!

Sleeping Baobab Tree book coverPaula Leyden, award-winning author of The Butterfly Heart and member of SCBWI-Ireland, has generously offered two copies of her wonderful new book, The Sleeping Baobab Tree, set in Zambia, to two lucky people. You just have to ‘like’ our SCBWI-Ireland Facebook page and live in Ireland to take part! There’s even a teaching guide for the book.

One book will be given to a writer, and one book will be given to an illustrator.

We’ve received some entries, but because we have had such good weather and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine, we are extending the closing date to Saturday 3rd August to give you all a chance to get writing or illustrating.

The competition

Fred is one of the characters in The Sleeping Baobab Tree. His specialty is gloom – he wanders around on certain days with a doom cloud hovering over his head; on those days he knows that something awful is about to befall him.

We want our illustrators to draw a picture of Fred, showing him on his gloomy days.

We want our writers to write a limerick about Fred, describing his gloomy days.

Here’s an extract where Fred describes how he feels:

‘The minute I woke up this morning I knew that everything was going to go wrong. Not just ever so slightly wrong but mind-bendingly, end of the world kind of wrong.   

How did I know this?

My curse of a gift.

Prediction. Premonition. Foretelling doom. 

To be precise, I can predict when things are going to go wrong. It’s a sixth or seventh or perhaps ninth sense. The only problem is it is never exact. If it was I could prevent anything bad ever happening around me. Somehow, when this gift was passed onto me via my wretched great grandmother, one small bit was left out. The bit that gives you the detail.  

All I get is the general gloom.

Which is why so far I have spent quite a lot of my life in a state of peculiar, all consuming dread. Predicting awfulness, that’s my speciality.

This ‘gift’ you see never forewarns me that everything is going to go absolutely right. That all will be well in the world; that (one of) the girls next door will fall hopelessly in love with me despite the fact that they only think of me as ‘that boy next door’; that my marks in school will miraculously improve and that my parents will transform into normal, friendly human beings. No. I’m never forewarned of that. Instead I wake up, as I did this morning, with a large dark cloud hovering over me and a sinking feeling of unstoppable wrongness crowding my brain.’

 And now the rules part…

  1. The competition is open to anyone living in Ireland who likes the SCBWI-Ireland’s Facebook page
  2. Officers of SCBWI-Ireland are barred from entering.
  3. Only one entry per person per competition is allowed.
  4. The same individual cannot win both competitions, although some writers/illustrators might choose to enter both competitions, which is permitted.
  5. To enter the competition, you must upload your entry to the SCBWI-Ireland Facebook page, or email it to
  6. Limericks must follow the traditional pattern of a humorous verse of three long and two short lines rhyming aabba.
  7. The illustrations can be in any medium and any size: the competition is online.
  8. The closing date is Saturday 3rd August 2013
  9. The judges of the competition are Jane Mitchell, Regional Advisor, SCBWI-Ireland, and Paula Leydon, author.
  10. The judges’ decision is final and binding.
  11. No cash alternatives or other books will be given in lieu of the offered prizes.
  12. The winning entry in both competitions will be announced on the SCBWI-Ireland website page and through the SCBWI blog by the end of July 2013.
  13. The winning entry in both competitions will be uploaded to the SCBWI-Ireland Facebook page: in entering the competition, all entrants are granting permission for this.

2 responses to “Win a copy of The Sleeping Baobab Tree by award-winning author Paula Leyden!

  1. We have our first official entry from Eileen Moynihan who has submitted a limerick for the contest! Good luck, Eileen!

  2. There once was a boy named Fred
    Who’s days and nights were filled with dread…

    Just to get you started. I’m sure people can write a way better limerick than that!! Ceej 🙂

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