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As of January 2015, our SCBWI Ireland website has now moved to: http://ireland.scbwi.org. Please visit us there!

This is a list (in alphabetical order by last name) of some of our current SCBWI Ireland members’ websites/blogs.

Sarah Bowie

Sarah is an  illustrator and writer. She makes artworks and handmade books, for adults and children, inspired by the world of folk and fairy tales. Sarah has independently published a book, Anoushka & the Baba Yaga.

Sarah designed the banner for SCBWI Ireland’s website.

Eva Byrne

Eva is an illustrator and writer based in Sligo.

Celia Carlile

Celia is a full-time artist and illustrator. She earned a diploma in illustration from The London Art College and was runner up in the Agnes Sloane Illustrator’s Competition. This led to her illustrating Wendy Hesketh’s book The Slimy Slug.

Kieran Fanning

Kieran is the author and illustrator of the Code Crackers series of interactive books for children (age 9-13), published by Mentor books.  Trapdoor to Treachery was published in 2000.  It was followed by Voyage to Victory (2001), Tempest of Trouble (2003) and Curse of the Cockroach (2005).  The first three titles have also been translated into Czech by Portal.

Patricia Forde

Patricia has published five books for children, and written two plays,
as well as several television drama series for children and teenagers. The Irish-language picture book Mise agus an Dragún was written by Patricia and illustrated by Steve Simpson and was shortlisted for the Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year award 2013.

Adrienne Geoghegan

Adrienne is an illustrator and author of a variety of books. She also regularly teaches courses on illustration and picture books. In 2006, Adrienne was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Ireland (formerly Bisto) award for her picture book illustrations in Fancy That. In 2013, she was invited by CBI and Niamh Sharkey, Laureate na nÓg, to participate in a major new international illustration tour, Pictiúr, visiting the Vienna Children’s Books Festival,
Bologna International Children’s Book Fair, and The Irish Institute for Ireland in Leuven, Belguim.

A. Colleen Jones

Colleen is a prepublished writer of children’s books and is currently developing two stories for 8 to 10 year olds and a picture book for 5 to 7 year olds. Colleen has done one storytelling event at the Central Remedial Clinic in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland on May 20th, 2011. The video is available on YouTube.

Colleen is the current Regional Advisor for SCBWI Ireland.

Paula Leyden

Paula published her first book, The Butterfly Heart, in 2011, which is endorsed by Amnesty International. Paula won the Eilis Dillon Award in 2012. Her second book, The Sleeping Baobab Tree, was released in May 2013 and has also won numerous awards.

AnnMarie McCarthy

Author and illustrator of the children’s book Fungie and illustrator of Fungie & Mara. These books are in both Irish and English. The third book in this set by AnnMarie McCarthy and Ré Ó Laighléis is Fungie & An Tine Mhór. AnnMarie has also illustrated a fourth book with Ré Ó Laighléis, An Coileach a Chailleann a Ghlór.

Jacqui McVeigh

Jacqui has written more than 28 books, mainly picture books for younger children, but also two books for 9 to 12 year olds and two non-fiction books.

Jacqui is a former Regional Advisor for SCBWI Ireland.

Jane Mitchell

Jane’s YA book Chalkline was published in 2009. It has won a number of national and regional awards and has been shortlisted for others.

Jane is a former Regional Advisor for SCBWI Ireland.

Eileen Moynihan

Eileen is a writer of children’s books.

Olive O’Brien

Olive O’Brien is the author of three eco-friendly children’s books published by Silver Angel Publishing. She also runs a website that offers online writing courses.

Paula Moen

Paula Moen loves to illustrate. She is particularly interested in writing and illustrating for children.


If you’re a current member of SCBWI Ireland and would like to have your website or blog listed here, please contact us.


2 responses to “Our members

  1. Dear Colleen,
    Delighted to have finally reached out to you!

    My name is Eva Byrne, I am a SCBWI member, a recent addition and I
    would like to website (which is actually the SCWBI link) added to the Irish members list. I am also very interested in the Scribbles Online Critique group,I am based in a quite a rural part of Sligo (in contrast to the wildly cosmopolitan part ) and would love more interaction with other creatives.
    My link to SCBWI is below.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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